Laundry Closet Makeover

To yours AND my surprise today I get to share the full makeover of our laundry closet. I was not expecting to have this done so quickly, but it is a “closet” hahaha. CJ did an amazing job and it’s so nice that we have this system where he’ll work on something while I play with the kid and then we’ll switch so I can do the non-tool jobs like painting, staining, or of course decorating! This dang closet has been a mess since we bought our house. The old shelves were barely hanging off the wall and the brackets were caked on with old paint. We had taken the shelves down and put our new washer and dryer in as soon as we moved in but it hadn’t really been touched since then. Now, I am so excited I get to do laundry in this space… maybe I’ll be doing it more often too!

Here’s a couple before’s of our laundry closet a couple months ago..

Our water heater blew a couple months ago and we decided to start replacing everything and adding updates, along with, of course, a new water heater. We scraped the popcorn ceiling (yes popcorn ceiling in the closet). We also laid down extra tile that we had left over from a previous project in the house. The walls got spackled and painted, then in went the new water heater. After all that was finished we had a delay in the laundry closet with Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up. But now we have it finally finished..

There wasn’t much else that went into this closet other than CJ surprising me with some shelves. I walked down stairs and he was putting them up for me. Love him! I plan on picking up some cute decorative baskets or totes to hide our extra miscellaneous laundry supplies in the next few days. I also was able to make a decorative laundry sign for this closet that I couldn’t wait to put up and was basically the only delay on sharing this closet.

The biggest statement I think our laundry closet has are our painted black doors. I love these doors so much! I cannot wait to see these all throughout the house when it’s finished. You can see how we did them [here].

Also, with our laundry closet finished up, our basement living room is literally a couple steps away from being finished. I can’t wait for it to be done, so stay tuned for that soon. If you have any questions about anything, please leave a comment, shoot me and email, or message me. You can also follow me for much more on my Instagram and Facebook! Hope you all have a great day with not a ton of laundry to do! xx

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