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Small Thanksgiving Tablescape

Well, I thought I would squeeze this in before all the fall decor gets put away and the Christmas decor comes out. I really wanted to share a small Thanksgiving tablescape here on our small dining room table. We aren’t hosting Thanksgiving this year but if we were to, it would look something like this. Maybe one day when we have a larger table or a larger home for people to be more comfortable, then we’ll be able to host both mine and CJ’s families. When I envisioned a small Thanksgiving tablescape, I wanted it to feel just like fall. A lot of people’s favorite season is fall, and there are many different reasons for that but one thing I think it could be is all the fall leaves, the colors of the leaves about to fall, the change in weather that makes these leaves to that. All that being said, thats what I wanted this tablescape to look like…

I am notorious for finding free greenery or stems from our own home and yard. But the big bonus is that I have great neighbors that let me come clip there shrubs or trees for some free stems. It is honestly the easiest way for me to bring in different, colorful elements for different seasons and different areas around the house. This is one of my highly recommended tips for anyone. Ask around. Ask your family if you can come clip some stems from their yard. Now for these stems they were obviously starting to dry out and fall off the branches already, so I wasn’t going to be placing these stems in any water. Instead, I placed them in our garage for a couple days to let them dry out a little more. Dried stems or flowers are starting to become one of my favorite things to add to a space lately. They really can turn out to be a beautiful sight. Once the fall stems were all dried out, I just placed them randomly in a small galvanized pale for the center of the table. I picked about 4 of my favorite individual leaves to place onto the napkins that will sit on top of the stacked plates. Underneath all that, are some wicker placemats from Ikea that my mom let me borrow. Our tiny table only seats 4 people but you could definitely expand this tablescape with a larger table. Add some candlestick, some drinking glasses, silverware, or even another pale of dried stems. I would have loved to add more to this but I am out of room.

Don’t be mad, but I’m going to be bring out the Christmas and winter decor now. There are only 3 weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas this year. That’s just not enough time for me to enjoy all the Christmas things. I hope this tablescape may help anyone looking for a little Thanksgiving table inspiration. Weather it’s for your own table or if you’re in charge of styling your family’s table. This is a very budget friendly idea. I hope you guys enjoyed this as much I enjoy you guys being here and stopping my my little blog today. It truly means so much. You can also check out my little Instagram account [here]. xx

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