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DIY Chain Garland Clip

I am so excited to share a super easy and inexpensive DIY with you guys today. I got this idea from one of the items in the Hearth and Hand line last year. The garland clip sold so fast online and by the time I got to our local Target’s they were all gone. I was super disappointed. I didn’t think too much about it until this year when I really wanted to display our old photos with Santa and “letters from Santa”. I went an picked up only 2 items from Michaels then put this DIY garland clip together in about 30 minutes (minus the shopping time). Here’s what the Hearth and Hand garland clip from last year looked like:


• Roll of 7yd, 6.4m chain [here]

Tip: must be this exact chain so rings can fit through.

• Pack of 20 1.25in split rings [here]

• Needle nose pliers

Start with measuring how much chain you need. I wanted to display the garland clip across our dresser in our living room so I purposely used about 85 inches (about 7 ft) in chain to make it fit perfect. The roll comes with plenty of chain so you could use any length for almost anywhere…

I used the needle nose pliers to unhook the 85 inches of chain from the rest of the roll (mama needs a new pair of pliers for Christmas)…

I found it easiest to add a split ring to each end of the chain and fold it in half twice. Then I add split rings in equal sections…

I ended up using about 13 split rings total for my garland clip but you can totally use as many as you need or would like to use. This was my finished product…

To attach the garland clip, I just simply used a couple command strips to hook the garland clip on top of our dresser (TV stand) and draped it across the front with the other garlands I had up there. The split rings made it so easy to clip some of our old Santa photos and letters. Lastly, I just placed some live cedar garland to cover the command strips. I also have our stockings and other decor pieces decorated around our garland as well. This is everything put altogether…

You guys I LOVE this DIY and so happy I shared it with you as well. I’m so happy I now have a very similar garland clip like the Hearth and Hand one from last year. I may even change this out throughout the Christmas season with some of our Christmas cards from family and friends we’ll receive in the mail. I’d love to also try and hang some vintage Christmas letters from the antique store at some point. If you guys try this DIY I’d love to see it all finished. You can also tag me in your posts! Thank you so much for stopping by my little blog today. It truly means so much to me and my family! You can also check out my Instagram page [here]. xx

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