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Small, Simple Entryway

I have shared our small entryway before. I styled it a little this past Fall. You can see that [here]. And just to refresh your memory, or if you are new here, we have a very small, tight, compact entryway and it is really one of the most challenging spaces in our home for me to style. I’d love to have a super cute statement piece of furniture here, but it seems impossible. Maybe one day I’ll come across the perfect piece for this space. For now I’ll just keep it small and simple and possibly add or change out some things throughout the seasons.


The first thing I think of when it comes to an entryway is a place to hang all the things up. Those peg rail hooks have caught my eye recently and I love that they are so cute and practical all at the same time. I have had this small peg hook hanging here for awhile now and it really has come in handy, especially during this entire winter season with all the coats, bags, and scarfs. I’d love to DIY a larger one for this space eventually. Since the winter season is just about to come to an end, we have less jackets and scarfs that we need hung so we started stashing them in the coat closet across the way and now leaving the light sweaters and spring like bags hung on the hooks.


Above the small peg rail hooks, I have a vintage window with a vintage “FOR RENT” sign hung on it. Again, I’ve had the sign hanging here for awhile now but I wanted to add something more to it, or with it for that matter. Since you would normally see a little “FOR RENT” sign in a an actual window, I sort of wanted to collide the 2 and recreate that look and keep it vintage. All I did was center the “FOR RENT” sign on the window.


As for the last few little details, I kept the old chippy chair present in this entryway then added a small round knit pillow onto it. I hung one of my favorite hats off the top corner of the chair as well. A traditional magnolia wreath is hanging from the inside of the door, a target entry rug, and a vintage table leg in the corner to top it off. Just as simple as that. If you are struggling with your small entryway I hope this helps, or maybe we can exchange new ideas with one another. I’m always ready to change spaces up again. You can also follow along with me on Instagram for more things we have going on around our home and what our little family is up to. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, you have no idea how much it means to me! xx

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