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Adding Some Vintage to Our Kitchen Shelves & Counters

As of last week, I wrote up my first blog post of 2020 and I didnt even realize it. Whoops! I think I’ll just blame it on me being so busy. A lot of you already know, but I recently was approved for a booth space in a antique & vintage shop in town at the beginning of the year and I’ve been working away at getting all the things ready for that. Another challenge that I’ve had since opening it up, is trying to figure out how the whole process works since I’ve never done anything like this before. I’ll share more about my booth and our plans for it in another post. But I’ve missing my blog so much recently and it felt SO good to release a new post last week [you can see it here], I thought I’d share a view of our kitchen shelves with some of my most recent vintage finds that I’ve found for myself and how I’m mixing them in with the practical items we use daily. Since opening up my own vintage space, I’ve come across more and more vintage items and some I have had a hard time giving up. Some advice that was given to me was that if you find a vintage item that you love and want to keep, keep it! Simple as that. And I’ve done just that with a few things around the house and in our kitchen.

I have this new thing for vintage meat grinders all of a sudden. I love how they can manually clamp to your shelves perfectly. Literally the perfect vintage accessory for your kitchen. I recently just came across a vintage tureen at the thrift store. I felt like I hit the jackpot since it came with the full set, bowl, lid, plater, and spoon. I simply just placed the tureen next to a unique crock type thing with a plant inside on the top shelf. On the bottom shelf you’ll see a couple of my collected pitchers, plates, and the copper teapot that I’ve kept up there for some time now. We actually use these plates for our everyday meals. These plates help bring a little practical to our shelves. This is the best place to store all our everyday plates, and they blend well with all the vintage goodies. A few other things I’ve added but are not necessarily vintage is the marble top cake stand with a cream colored pot inside for a touch of spring, glass bottles, and a small knobby canister.

Below the shelves on our countertops I have placed one of the most vintage items I have ever came across. A vintage Hamilton Beach mixer that I believe is from the 1930s, but i could be wrong on that date. I received this mixer from CJ’s grandmother who had it given to her. When I got it, it did not have a mixing bowl with it. It’s very common to find a mixer or vintage appliance like this that has lost a couple of its original accessories. I recently came across this vintage milky type bowl at a thrift store that I thought was close enough to look like this mixer’s original bowl. I absolutely love this vintage mixer, and the best part is that it actually works. I really think I will use it for my next baking dish. I have placed my vintage mixer next to our toaster that looks vintage but is actually a new toaster we bought last year from Amazon. On the other side of our sink, I just bundled a few things together such as a crock like utensil holder with some vintage rolling pins and wooden utensils, an old mini white stool with a faux plant from Target on top,  and our stackable salt and pepper containers.

I really hope this gives you guys some sort of inspiration to bring some old vintage items into your decor and that you can mix in with some newer practical everyday items. Not just kitchen decor but all decor. If you guys end up liking this little share about how I display my favorite found vintage items, I can share new and different blog posts for vintage items in other parts of our home, including items that will be going into my booth. Just a thought?! I’ve also been sharing A LOT about our booth and items going into it over at my Instagram. And please, if you have any questions on items or any other things, don’t hesitate you reach out to me here in the comments, on my Instagram or my Facebook. Thank you guys SO much for stopping by the blog today and every other time. It truly means so much to me and my family! xx

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