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Laundry Closet Spring Refresh

Oh what I wouldn’t give to have an actual laundry room. A big one! Isn’t that any mom’s dream? Maybe not but it definitely is one of mine. But I do have to say, our little laundry closet is super cute and it gets the job done. I even get to style it up a little bit. We redid this closet a little over a year ago when our water heater blew out and destroyed this area and a little of the down stairs living room, what we call the “play room”. You can see the makeover [here] with some before and afters. Anyway, I sort of let this closet go for awhile now and I’ve been craving a little refresh, especially since we are all quarantined during this time. For this refresh I wanted to incorporate cute, vintage and practical laundry items. I also wanted to add just a touch of Spring in here to brighten it up even more.

A couple weekends ago I went out to a little event hosted by a few of my favorite shops in the Uptown in Richland put together. One of the shops involved is The Uptown Antique Market where I’m currently am a vendor at. Since opening up my booth space there, I haven’t had much time to actually shop there or any of the other great shops in the Uptown. I didn’t necessarily know what I was looking for while shopping but I came across some fun things that almost all ended up going into this laundry refresh.

The first thing that I found that weeknd was a vintage iron. I’m not too sure why I don’t already have one of these. They’re so unique and I couldn’t resist the little bit of rust on it. I also found quite a few packages of vintage buttons. They were filled with all the creams and whites, and all kinds of different sizes. I absolutely love collecting vintage buttons. I think they add great texture and mixed tones. I instantly thought how perfect they would look in a jar on the shelves in our laundry closet. The last thing that I found that weekend isn’t necessarily vintage but it is vintage inspired. I walked past this box that was all chipped up and it said “LAUNDRY” on it. I had to have it instantly. Especially to go with the other goodies I found for the closet refresh.

To add the touch of Spring that I was looking for, all I did was gather a few things around our home that made me think of it. A couple rough terracotta pots and saucers, a handful of mixed neutral colored vintage books, and I also clipped a few branches from our lilac shrubs from our backyard. Spring, vintage and practical was my goal with this space and I couldn’t be happier with the way it all came out. Now I don’t want to say that this makes me want to do the laundry now because I am never excited to do laundry, but this helps motivate me a lot more than usual. I really hope this helps anyone looking to add some Spring to a random space in your home, even a laundry closet. Please don’t hesitate you reach out to me here in the comments, on my Instagram or my Facebook if you have any questions. Thank you guys SO much for stopping by the blog today. It truly means the world to me, and I hope you enjoyed this just as much as I did sharing all about it! xx

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